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Wendy Gibbins Dance Teacher

Wendy Gibbins is a British national, born with a lust for artistic adventure. Wendy is a well-known and sought-after choreographer she is a resident of Athens, Greece.

Wendy started her career as a dancer and loved every minute. She then evolved into choreography and excelled. After her vast experience as a dancer and choreographer; movement wasn’t enough for her therefore she turned her hand to writing her own plays and books. Her books are available for her readers and her plays are staged for her audience to watch.

Wendy’s latest accomplishment: Winner of the Gianni Fleri award at the Academy Korfiatikon Hellenic Aristic Awards, for best movement and choreography in a play for the performance “Kiss on Her Wings”.

Wendy believes dance education enriches a life. She loves to inspire people of all ages to dance, therefore, she loves to teach. Alongside her careers as a dancer and choreographer, she has never stopped teaching. She is proud to be a registered teacher with the bbodance, an organisation that concentrates on educating dance students in the genres: Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance, Tap, and Contemporary dance. Wendy is committed to teaching young children to dance, and young adults live their dreams to follow a career in dance or to fulfil their dreams of training at a dance college/vocational school abroad to complete their professional education. She is devoted to making every student reach their full potential.

Wendy creates choreography for; Theatrical performances, TV shows, Video Clips, recording Artists’ live performances, and advertisements (tv spots and live events). Every choreography Wendy works on is a challenge and a pleasure, she creates, and stretches the boundaries of the imagination, to express the theme, products, songs, and performance the choreography has been created for.

Collaborations include, recording artists: Anna Vissi, Helena Paparizou, Evridiki, Dimitri Korgialas, Elli Kokkinou. Advertising events include; Belvedere vodka, Audi, Renault, Black Eristoff,   Schwartzkorf. Wendy’s work as a choreographer has taken her to; Estonia, Finland, Cyprus, Romania and as far as Australia.

Wendy Gibbins Choreographer

On-Line Classes

Private On-Line & Studio Classes

Strengthening & Stretching Classes

Holistic Dance Movement

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance Technique

Children’s classes follow the bbo.dance syllabus in

Jazz, Musical Theatre dance, Ballet,

Tap, and Contemporary dance.

These classes are offered to students from 4 – 18 yrs.

Wendy Gibbins Author

Book description ‘Kiss on Her Wings’

Simon and Beth have been in a happy relationship for five years. Simon discovers a journal that contains a dark secret and details of a harrowing event, which has caused someone both emotional and physical distress. A catastrophic encounter, light turns to dark and destruction follows. He tries to piece together the facts to fathom out who had fallen victim to such a heinous crime. How does this person embark on a voyage to bring them back to a life of light? Read the emotional journey of a traumatic past, to a haunted present.

How do we recover from desecration?

meeting and one experience can change a person’s life forever

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